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Scandinavian Alps Coffee

Limited Edition Road Trip Coffee Blend

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We understand it has been tough ride for everyone during this world pandemic. Not to mention everyone’s summer plans.?. In the Scandinavian Alps we are staying positive and making the most of our surroundings. Introducing the 2nd edition of “ROAD TRIP” which popular last summer. Perhaps staying local or nearby can still be adventurous and fun. —Especially when there is tasty coffee close to home.

 This limited edition blend is a fun expression of inspiration of how great we really do have it, living in Norway ??. We hope you have a fantastic summer with perhaps a few road trips planned. Stay healthy. Stay Local! 


Okay these might not be the exact flavor profiles but classic Norwegian road trip food on the road. Taste coffee profile: Easy going, all rounder, chocolate nuts, crisp acidity. 


South & Central America 

Brew Guide

Best brewed via aeropress & V60

Can be brewed via Espresso also.