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Full Way - 44 piece set

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The Full Way is the complete dinner service set you need to crowd the table, not the cabinets. It’s premium dinnerware with a few of everything, so you'll get all the key pieces your mom said you needed (but in your actual style). Feel confident that with this complete dinner set you’ll be ready for any impromptu gathering in your home (yes even the gathering with THAT judgy couple).  The Full Way is full dinnerware: it serves up a complete dinner set ready for your next party — just add family drama.

Kit includes: 4 settings, 44 total pieces

  • 4 Big Plates 
  • 4 Small Plates
  • 4 Bowls
  • 4 Mugs
  • 4 All-purpose Leeway Glasses 
  • 4 Stemmed Wine Glasses
  • 8 Forks (big + small)
  • 4 Knives
  • 4 Spoons (big + small)