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Leeway Home

5-Piece Flatware Set

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1 set, 5 total pieces

The Leeway Homes 5-Piece Flatware set has everything you need for dinner parties, or kitchen countertop takeout nights. This complete flatware set includes: a big fork, a little fork for when all your big forks are in the dishwasher, a knife, a little spoon for how you think you eat ice cream, and a big spoon for how you actually eat ice cream. (Mind your business and keep your etiquette class training to yourself…) Premium flatware shouldn’t feel precious or put you out of house and home. So upgrade your table to the 5-piece Flatware set. 

  • Modern shape and sleek mirror finish
  • Designed in Brooklyn
  • Sourced and crafted in Vietnam
  • 18/10 flatware from premium stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe, rust resistant